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1 good..canada on Tr. 10 19, 2011 10:30 pm

Back in February, while New York was getting pelted with snow storm, after snow storm...after snowstorm, MTG and I decided to do what any other reasonable couple with a few vacation days and limited funds would do, we, uh, headed north to Canada. Here are a few things I learned about Canada during this, my third trip to America's hat.

- I had one goal on this trip and that was to obtain some sort of Quebec Nordiques souvenir (a classic NHL team that moved to Colorado in the 90's). BTW, the word souvenir is French for overpriced item that will probably break in cheap jerseys the next year or give you lead poisoning but will make friends and family back home feel like all you did on vacation was think about them. Anyway, Nordiques stuff is everywhere in Quebec City and my goal was achieved. The Quebecois really need to let it go, though. She's not coming back, dude.

- Weather predictions work different in Canada. In the States, when the weather man (I'm looking at you Hurricane Schwartz) says we're going to get 12 - 15 inches this usually means we get about 3 inches of snow (Present year excluded). But in Canada, when they predict 4 centimeters of snow they end up with about 8-10 cheap soccer jerseysinches of snow, and no one blinks an eye. Either my metric to standard conversion is way off, or they underestimate on a consistent basis. Or they just like to screw with the non-French speakers.

- Speaking of which, I really need to work on French. I took it in high school and in the past have been able to use it to at least get through How to buy custom made jerseys initial greetings in France and Montreal, but this time, good God! I tried to order duck with orange sauce at a fancy restaurant and the waiter brought over a small french speaking boy wearing a beret.

- They celebrate Valentines Day in Canada. If you ever go there with your special lady friend over February 14th, secure some dinner reservations beforehand. For some reason, I just assumed Valentines Day was another fake holiday mlb jerseys cheap created by American marketers or the American Association of Chocolate Industry Lobbyists. Nope. Turns out it's legit. Things worked out great but not before some fancy sounding swear words were uttered. If there is one thing to remember from this post, this is it.

- It's cold up there. For reals. Starting to understand why Quebec City wanted to secede.

-We bought thermal undergarments (shirt and bottoms) for this trip...and holy crap, how have I gone the last 15 years of my cheap nfl jerseys life without owning any thermal undergarments. It was love rediscovered and I am still smitten as I type this.

- And finally, 200 French Canadian fourth graders can really put a damper on a romantic trip to the museum.

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